Email date problem

i am having a problem with the date of emails.
Every new month resets back to January date instead of showing the next month. (For example all email received today are dated 2 Jan instead of 2 March).
This is really annoying because if I try to look for a new email it shows it as a historic email and i delete the wrong one thinking it’s an old message when its something I only received today.
I had the same problem in February - all my emails are only dated January.
I have attached a screen shot showing the screenshot together with the email reader. The screen shot shows the date as “1 Jan” when the real email date is “1 Mar”.
What can I do to fix this?

sorry for the late reply.
Can you please provide a screenshot that shows more of a bigger picture? I’m having trouble orienting where you’re seeing this.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

These emails I received yesterday 18th March.
As you can appreciate from the inbox the date on the incoming emails is: 18th January.
On the message viewer the true date 18th March.



are you using IMAP for receiving emails?

If so can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP logging for the problematic account?
Restart the application and when you see the issue again (I suppose when the next email comes in), go back to the Advanced settings window and click on Send Logs and add me as a copy to the email (

Thank you,

Okay - sent you an email with the logs.
Hopefully you can see what is wrong.