Email Conversation View is a Must!

I am new to eM Client and currently using the trial. So far it seems like a great email client but haven’t been able to really test it since the trial is limited - can’t get more than one account to display. What I have noticed is the lack of customization - specifically how the calendar and contacts are viewed. I have also read several questions on this site regarding email conversation views. I noticed it was supposed to be implemented in v5 but did not make it. Are you able to provide an estimate on when conversation view will be available? This is a must! I am also testing outlook 2013 along with eM Client before I purchase. Thank You! (P.S. I like the look and feel of the program. I primarily use a MACBOOK and Mail 6 client is great but I also need to use Windows for database work thus the need for a great windows email client)

I am very sorry - I cannot provide you any exact time frame when it will be implemented but I can assure you that our developers are working on it.

Hi, this is a MUST HAVE, I installed and used the EM CLIENT and I loved it, but it is no longer needed since it does not have this simple conversation view.
Today we can get it at Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird and even Windows Mail, I think.
Please do it and you will ROCK! It will be the best email client when this conversation be applied.