Email composition

In composing emails, corrections and text insertion causes the current text to be written over. Where can I change this setting to insert, not write over, my email composition?

I have had the same problem for years on v6.xxxx (most recent v6). What happens is the keyboard jumps from insert mode to overlay mode, necessitating the constant application of the insert key. I submitted a request on this over a year ago. This does not happen in MS Word or other applications.

To be clear, the “sorta fix” is to just keep hitting the “insert” key when it happens, then correcting the messed up text. This is of course a big pain when you are typing fast, overlaying existing text which you then have to go back and reconstruct from memory.

What version are you using Paul?

I have not been able to reproduce this in the latest version available to download at

Thanks to all that replied.  I’m using ver7.1.33101.0   Sometimes it works as I hoped and at other times my corrections/additions overwrite the original text. 

I have never tried v7, but this has always happened on v6. I can not duplicate it at will since it seems to require a certain combo of moving the cursor about, but I’m convinced the problem is consistent (always there lurking in the shadows), but hard to duplicate.

I’ve looked into regedit edits to turn “overlay” off permanently on my keyboard, but it’s a complex edit with a mile long string of 1s and 0s that you have to get perfect. Yes, I considered cut/paste but will not easily work since the googles that have produced this “fix” show the long string stacked in short rows making it hard to copy all at once, and I did not want to risk typing it in wrong, so I live with it and grumble a lot. Very interesting that this bug is still there in v7.

What about the use of autotext expanders or replacers affecting the behavior? I had a crazy situation with one forum where just typing something would replace the previous line. The autotext app was only affecting Firefox, not any other browser, and just one forum.

Sometimes tweaking apps can also cause unexplained behavior.