email coming in double

emails coming in double

I have the same problem. Do you have any solution? 

Having same issue here. Hey tech support is there a fix for this?

Me too. Did you ever get it fixed?

Same here. All my incoming emails are double.

The only time I have seen email receive as duplicate is when eg a pop account is configured and the email coming in initially did not complete 100%, so it starts receiving the same emails all over again. This can happen with any mail client with pop accounts.

However if it’s a IMAP configured account normally that shouldn’t happen.

Support replied to me and it appears that it happened because I have 2 gmail accounts. They were configured correctly, but there was a glitch apparently. I just removed one of the accounts and added it again. Just like that, fixed. 

I am using IMAP and only have one email account.

I have the same problem. I only ave one Gmail account.  IMAP configuration.
I found an eM Client post that explains that this is because Gmail tags emails at least twice.  So to eM Client it appears as two mails. The post says that this has been fixed. Except that the post is long while ago, and I don’t see the fix in the latest version of eM Client (7.2.36694.0).

Support does has not anwered to my request for help.

I’m thinking of abondoning eM Client.

Gmail does not label messages twice, that is nonsense. The way Gmail works is that there is only one folder for your messages, All Mail, and the messages there have labels that indicate what virtual folder they are in, like Inbox, Sent etc. Sometimes a message can be in two folders, and only then it will have two labels. Generally they only have one.

What email clients do is interpret the Gmail label system, and display the messages in folders depending on what label they have. That means that each message will be displayed in two locations; once in All Mail, and once in the folder designated by the Gmail label.

I do not use Gmail with eM Client, so cannot comment as to what is happening in recent versions but if it was working before, and since the update it is not, then all you need to do is uninstall eM Client and then download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History.

Charles, if your support ticket has not been answered, it may either be because you do not have a Pro License, or you have set the priority too low. 

If you do have a Pro License, log in to your support tickets and change the priority to a higher level.

If you don’t have a Pro License, as defined in the license agreement which you accepted when installing this application you will not get support directly from the company.

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Note:  In eM Client 6 this problem also sometimes happened with Gmail accounts, which keeps a copy of each message in All Mail folder and also created copies in Important and Starred labels. Since eM Client creates a separate folder for each label, emails that have multiple labels attached to them will have multiple copies saved. The only workaround for that issue is to disable the showing of redundant labels like “Starred” and “Important” in IMAP. You can find this option by opening a web browser and logging in to Gmail. Click on Settings, and then go to the tab at the top called “Labels”.

Since eM Client 7.0 we adapt Gmail’s internal structure. All messages have just one copy in the All Mail folder and other folders are just assigned labels.

Yes Charles, that was fixed years ago, and now eM Client uses the system I just described.

Except that I get mails in double.
The funny thing is that when I delet one message, the other one disappears automatically from my Inbox. As if the send mails are ghosts.

Before (long time ago) I didn’t have this issue. It showed up like a year ago and since I struggle with it.

Interesting detail: I also use eM Client on my iPhone. No duplicated mails there!

You use eM Client on your iPhone? I did not know that a version was available for phones!

Both :  iPhone and PC. Its the PC version that containes double messages.

Charles, can you disable conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) and see if the issue is still there.

It’s already the case.

Please provide a screenshot of eM Client running on your iPhone. That would be interesting to see. :wink:

Maybe you mean the Mail app is connecting to the same account?

On your PC, in eM Client, remove the Gmail account, then restart eM Client and add the account again. See if there is any difference.