eMail Client 9.1 update!

I just updated to version 9.1 and lost all of my old emails, contacts, the lot…what do I do??

Suggest to try reboot your computer just incase its something simple like that.

If still no data there after reboot, then if you have been doing eM Client backups regularly either manually via “Menu / Backup” or automatic backups via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”, then you can restore the backup .zip file.

To restore a previous version eM Client backup which has a different database version, suggest to first “rename your current database” for Windows or Mac via the below default locations incase you are able to retrieve that data later.

(eM Client database for Windows)
The default location is in C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

(eM Client database for Mac)
The default location is in /Users/User Name/Library/Application Support/eM Client

Then uninstall eM Client and once uninstalled, download the “same version of eM Client” that you had previously from the version history page and reinstall it…

Once reinstalled open eM Client and “Skip the setup” and then Restore your backup via “Menu / File / Restore” which will then bring up a list of eM Client dated files to restore with the most recent at the top. Once you then restore everything will then come back as it was.

Now if you haven’t been doing eM Client backups and rebooting your computer made no difference, then if you have an eg: IMAP, Exchange ot iCloud account, just reset up / re add your email accounts as new and all your emails, contacts etc will automatically come back.

However if you have a POP account, then you may need to restore a recent entire computer image of your computer if you do computer images regularly.

Many thanks friend…a simple reboot fixed the issue.


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