Email and account all gone after selecting backup option

I am having storage issues with the default C Drive. Hence I changed the backup folder from C: to D: then I performed a backup.
However, when eM client restarts, it went to default factory setting and first installed eM client.
Please note that this is the first time I did a full backup since I have limited storage space.
Please help as I am unable to access to some older emails that I have kept in eM client.

Hello Kevin, I’m not quite sure if I understand the issue, after you’ve performed a backup and changed the default backup directory, was eM Client reinstalled? You can change the backup directory in Tools > Settings, however note the difference between a backup directory and your storage folder.

Your storage folder by default is located in your local user/AppData/Roaming folder, and when changed, no data will be transferred to the new location, which can result in reopening the application with no data.

If you want to restore your data from your previous database, you can move your database folder to the new location specified in the application settings.

If this is not the issue, please specify the problem.