email-address search box searches only words delimited by space

entering a fragment of a email-addess opens a dropdown list of found hits. Thats great! (as is the whole emClient)
The search algorithmus just searches words, beginning with the search term. (i would prefer instring searching…)
Unfortunateley  only blanks act as word-separator. Thats why a search term like combox does not find a email adresse like [email protected]

My succestion is: alter this behaviour, so that also @ acts as word separator. 

I proposed this already to the support  of  emClient. The reply is: The developper team does not want to do this because of performance loss??? 
Not finding my email address seams to me bigger perfomance issue than waiting estimated 0.001 sec longer for a dropdown list

Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to search for partial domain names or email addresses without using the wildcard. If you’re only missing a part of the searched criteria, use * sign before or after the searched criteria to improve results, e.g. *combox* or *

Note however this only applies to searches through the message header, wildcards can’t be applied on body content of the message as this would increase the number if existing items drastically.

Hope this helps.

hello Paul
how can you hope that this should help? If its not possible to search domainname then make it possible. You own the sourcecode.
Entering *combox* in the emailfield doesent help. Nothing shows up.
I have to know how the emailaddress starts. (this is not very helpfu, when i have forgotten it.)

I know, that this emprovement would not cost a lot of work, nor performance. I am a programmer myself.

Hello Robert, if you want to search for the sender or recipients, you can either search for the whole email address, as the address doesn’t contain any spaces it’s basically a single word. eM Client can search for partial email addresses or domains, but since the email address is basically a single word, you have to insert the wild card.

This is a feature of the application, unfortunately it is not possible to search for partial keywords only.

However thank you for the suggestion, maybe we can improve the behavior in future releases.

I dont think we are talking about the same thing. When i address a email, the cursor is in the email-to field. Now, you try to enter there a wildcard-search. Nothing happens. So please, please,please make this change that the list shows every occurrence of my searchstring, not just the ones at then start with the searchstring.

This would encrease the value of your product.

Sorry about the misunderstanding, this is unfortunately not possible, when you’re typing into the To field, you’re not using search, this is an autocomplete feature that helps to fill-in what you might be typing in. If you want to include contacts that you need to search for, click on the “To” and use the filter in the “Select Contact” window, where you can use wildcards as well.

this auto complete function behaves almost like a search. It misleads the user to use the real search. Clicking on To: i didn’t realize this was a click-able link until you told me. Design it at least as a link.
But still: please alter the autocomplete function so it uses @ as a word delimiter.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.

thats great! I will check in the next realease.

Hello Robert, the current auto-complete help is listed by the popularity of the matched contact, just to follow up, we’re currently not excepting to adjust this sorting method for upcoming release.
However if more people join this idea topic, we can think about a change for the future.

Hope you understand,

Maybe i did not understand you, maybe you did not understand me?

It’s just about the search-behaviour in the autocomplete help. Just list in this box all words starting with the entered string. And consider words as words when they are 1. in the begin of the string
2. when they begin witha space
3. when they begin with a @
thats all.