Email address problem still present after update

I believe the latest update was supposed to fix the problem with old and deleted email addresses.
Well, it hasn’t been fixed.

When adding address to email message, deleted addresses are still shown in the drop-down box.
After changing email address of my contact, both the new and the old address is shown.

This is absolutely absurd.
Please fix this.


jueves 23 febrero 2023 :: 1250hrs (UTC +0100)


Does it help if you UNcheck “Use all recipients”?
Menu ->Settings ->Mail ->Compose → On right scroll down to “Email Address Suggestion”


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Yes, it helped, Thank you very much.

IMO, it would be preferable if new features introduced in updates were treated as options, not as default settings.
That would prevent stress and heart problems to many people who are happy with applications as they are.

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