eMail ActiveSync - SubFolders not synchron

I use an Exchange account via Active Sync and the following problem:
When I move a mail from the inbox to a subfolder it is displayed correctly in the eMClient where I did it.
In another eMClient on another PC (Office/Homeoffice) the mail has disappeared.
In the web-access of the Exchane the mail is also no longer present.

In the first eMClient where I moved the mail it is still there, can open it, forward it, etc.
When I move it again, it remains visible only for the first eMClient; in the second emClient as well as in Exchange Web-Access, the mail remains gone.

It seems that the mail is only stored locally in the eMClient and is no longer synchronized.

Can you restart eM Client on the other computer and see if the sub-folder is resynced with the server.

No Sir,

restarting the emClient or resync does not change anything.
When I move the mail back to the inbox on Client1, I have the mail (sometimes) twice - once in the primal subfolder and then also in the inbox.

When I look at the folders in Exchange, the mail is still not there - in any folder.

Sometimes the mail is still present in a folder in the second emClient. When I move these mail from there again I get three versions: emClient Office, emClient HomeOffice and Exchange.

Exchange should be (or is) authoritative. And here the mail is gone.
The clients are not really in sync.

You can look in the Log tab in Menu > Operations as there may be some error.

Hi Gary,

no Errors. All seems to be fine.
But the affected subFolder is not listed in ‘Log’
I will do some more tests later…