Email accounts GONE from emClient... Help!

Yesterday was going through emails in emClient, which have been using for almost 2 years, and suddenly both my email accounts were completely gone.

Does anyone know if it’s recoverable without having to have my daughter completely set everything up for me again? (I’m concerned about missing contacts, etc., as well as messages I had saved in the drafts folder in emclient that are no longer in the webmail accounts… I’m really hoping there’s a magic restore function…)

And does anyone know how this likely happened so I can try to avoid it happening again?

If you go to Menu > Accounts, are your accounts still listed there?

If you use the web interface for your email provider, is the data still there?

There are no accounts in eM client. Webmails still appear to be intact.

I just found the passwords so my daughter could reinstall the accounts.

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