EM7 - RC Migrated Rules Do Not Work Anymore(?)!!!!!!

Guess I found a big show stopper within EM7 RC (7.0.26134.0)!

Migration from EM6 worked perfectyl and obviously all my rules (about 100 different) are present as before.

However, neither those are executed while new mail arrive nor when executing them manually when using the appropriate context menu!!
While writing those lines some new mail arrive that should have been move from the inboxes to local folders. Nothing happend.

Many of those rules are bound to a specific account, others are independent from any account.
The rules, as meontioned above, were migrated and never touched since then. The rules are set as active.

So what’s the deal with them? Did I miss something obvious? Guess not!

Please check if this bug is specific to my installation or if this is a general bug introduced in the RC.


Found the cause of this annoying issue, right after posting here.

And this issue is really bad , because almost any of my rules move the messages into local folders. And those foldernames have been removed from the rule’s definition while their migration!!
And there is even more: some of my rules are bound to specific accounts and those account names are now missing, too!

Please see attached images.
So what the hell happend here? Should I re-define all of my rules now? No, you are kidding, right? If this is a Release Candidate this bug should have been discovered before, shouldn’t it?

So, how to correct this? Revert back to EM6?

I have only 3 rules. I received just now an e-mail which is in the good folder (sub-folder created on account gmail). I don’t know why, lines From, Subject, account have a strange color!
About local folders, after migration I had local folders twice. I deleted one.

Funny different installations different issues. Nevertheless, your experience is similar to mine.
Rules that move messages within remote folders work fine, besides the missing account names, if used.
Rules that move into local folders are now missing their folder names entirely.

OK, reverted back to EM6. Hopefully the gold version of EM7 will fix this, IMO serious, migration issue.

After uninstalling EM7 and installing the latest version 6, the rules run perfectly again.

Hi Mike,

I have tried to reproduce the bug with the latest version (7.0.26687.0) and the migration completed successfully and properly imported the paths. However as far as I can tell no change has been made to the relevant code since version 7.0.24579, which is older than the one you used. It is possible that the migration can still be broken for some databases created with older eM Client versions and we will try to test it. It would also be helpful if you could export the rules to .xml (using File > Export > Export settings to .xml > Rules) and send them to [email protected] along with a reference to this post.


E-Mail sent!

A short recap and for the records: after trying the new version as mention by Filip, I’ve performed a new migration.

Result: the rules are still not migrated properly. Yet missing target folder names and missing accounts in some of my over 100 rules.

Filip, another user hit the same issue: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/v6-to-v7-mail-import-bugs-rules

Mike is not the only one with this problem. I posted it a few days ago, here :


:wink: see my posting above yours, obviously you were a bit faster ^^

A little update on what we found so far:

The rule order is not properly respected during the import. We have fixed that and update will be available as soon as it passes our internal testing.

Import of the rules using the File > Import menu (as opposed to the initial migration) doesn’t work correctly when the accounts are not selected for import too. In that case the rules reference non-existing accounts (shown as “Removed account” in the Rules window) and the paths to target folders within these accounts will be lost too.

We are working on a solution for the second issue right now.

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When i ran the v6 -> v7 import it did not get my rules right. Firstly, the order of the rules got changed. And secondly, ‘move to folder’ lost the name of the folder in all but one case.

I just discovered yesterday that one of the “sent to” move-to folder names (1 of about 20) also got dropped, so perhaps losing the folder name is data dependent.

Nice that you are working on this.