eM7 : gmail account says - all-mail folder disabled

I installed eMClient7 with my Hotmail account, no problems and the synchronising works properly.

I added a second Gmail account and the synchronising works properly (emails and contacts).

But … at every Gmail synchronisation attempt I get the error message “All Mail folder disabled - imap access for gmail account is currently disabled - check your gmail settings”. Verifying in the gmail settings reveals that IMAP is definitelly enabled.

Enabling the log functions in eMClient7 for imap and smtp does not give me any indication of a potential error, synchronisation seems to work properly for both my hotmail and my gmail account.

What could cause this error message and how to avoid it ?

vbrgds   JP   

Go to your Gmail account and choose settings/ labels.  Activate all relevant IMAP items. 

Thx Richie, to bad this “settings / label / enable imap” is not additionally mentionned in the error message. After enabling various labels to use imap, no more error message pops-up, everything seems to work properly.

vbrgds JP