eM won't launch

Downloaded eM yesterday and set up 2 email accounts and transferred my contacts from outlook. Working great. I did try to set it up so it launched on start up but didn’t. Double clicking or right click /open doesn’t do anything. Have read that uninstalling and reinstalling might help but not sure where database is stored.

Open the task manager and close any eM Client processes / tasks as sounds like it’s still open in the background and hasn’t closed 100% after you set it up & exited.

If still won’t open and not showing in the task manager, and rebooting your computer is not helping, uninstall it and don’t delete the database when asked on uninstall. Then reinstall eM Client.

Nothing showing in task manager so I uninstalled it having saved the database elsewhere as a precaution. Reinstalled it and all seems well. It did ask as well if I wanted to keep the database.
Many thanks cyberzork - much appreciated.

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