Em will not block junk files after selecting blacklist domain

If I right-click on an email to send it to junk file and to blacklist domain/email, it goes to junk file but does not block email or domain as they come right back the next day. This has just started recently. I had no problem previously.
Can snyone help?

Go to Menu > Tools > Rules and edit the Blacklist Rule. Make sure that the domain is in the list. Also, make sure that the Blacklist Rule is ticked. If it is not ticked, it will not be applied.

Another thing you can check is that the domain or address from yesterday’s message is actually the same as today’s. Spammers generally change them from day to day specifically to avoid spam detection. Looks like their plan is working. :wink:

Outlook has a feature that automatically detects basic spam types and allows you to adjust how strict to be. I don’t see any feature like that in eM (bummer), which means you have to spend all day in spam maintenance mode (bummer#2).

No, this is not MS Outlook.

eM Client is designed primarily to work with IMAP or Exchange accounts, which means spam detection is done on the server. This reduces the development needed in the application itself. Rather let spam detection be done by the experts than try to duplicate it in the email client.

eM Client does offer the Blacklist option, which is there more for annoying newsletters and lists that you might have subscribed to in the past, or some list that your email address has ended up on, but are not technically spam. Or maybe someone you really don’t want to receive messages from, but you don’t have the courage to tell them to stop sending you those messages that have been forwarded to half the globe. It is easier to just blacklist the address or domain. And if it turns out to be a legitimate spammer, you really don’t want to unsubscribe or reply to the message anyway because often they are fishing for legitimate email addresses. If you respond or try to unsubscribe - well then they know the address is in use and you will suddenly find hundreds of spam messages pouring into your Inbox.

Server-side spam detection is a lot more efficient than a desktop option could ever be. If you look at a provider like Google, their system learns all the time from submissions made by billions of other users, as well as the huge investment they make with improving their spam detection software in other ways, all the time. With the use of artificial neural networks they are now able to detect over 100 million more spam emails per day. Let’s see a desktop option like MS Outlook try that!

eM Client does allow for automatically moving messages to the Junk folder for situations where your email provider does not do this, but does tag the messages as spam. This is the function of the Spam filter Rule. It is not a spam detection feature, it simply looks for headers added by your server.