eM to supply avatar if Google contact has none

I like the way eM sources avatars for contacts in my local folders.

Unfortunately I also really like how well eM syncs with my Google contacts, so much so that I’m slowly migrating ALL my contacts up to google.

The only downside is that when I shift a contact form my local eM folder to Google (and Google has no avatar) the eM sourced avatar disappears.

Is there any reason eM cannot display avatars for Google contacts that don’t already have their own?

If the person hasn’t specified an avatar in their Google Account, Gravatar etc., none can be sourced online.

But you can add your own avatars by editing the contact, clicking on the avatar, and uploading an image.

Yes, but eM uses the domain favicon if no other avatar can be located.
I think this a great feature, but it only seems to apply to local contacts.

It would be great if my google contacts (with no avatar) were also displayed with their domain favicon as a last resort.

Yes, the domain favicon is one source. It is the same for Local or Online contacts.

eM Client only refreshes the avatar cache once every 30 days, so it may be that it will be correct after the next refresh.

You can deleted the cache and let eM Client repopulate it, and maybe there will be some difference.

To do that, with eM Client closed, delete C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\eM Client.

Doesn’t look to work for Google contacts.

Where google cannot find an avatar they pick a random colour and use the 1st character from the first name, maybe eM is recognising that as a proper avatar which prevents it falling back to the favicon.

I have contacts with domain favicons I shift them into Google and it disappears, then shift them back to local and it reappears. It’s not a cache issue, I’ve cleared that and retested.

Google contact in top
Local contact on the bottom

local online