eM thinks I have 7 unread messages, but I actually have none.

The inbox tab on the sidebar indicated that I have 7 unread mail items in my inbox. However, I can’t find ANY unread mail items in my inbox and if I right click on the inbox tab and mark all as read, it still shows 7 unread mail items. Does anyone know what’s going on?

My phone app and my email providers webmail service both show no unread messages. This has been like this for several weeks and it is driving me crazy.

Hi, first of all, try right-clicking on the folder and selecting Properties - Repair. If that doesn’t help, please turn off conversations in Menu - View - Conversations - Disable conversations, exit eM Client, go to your eM Client install directory and launch “DbRepair.exe”. After you’ve done so, the bad message count should disappear.