eM start with big screen on windows

I just want that eM starts with window in the system tray.
Not as a big screen when I start my PC. Is that possible.

unfortunately there is no setting to start eM Client in the system tray at the moment.
I could change your thread topic to Idea and mark this as a feature request if you want though, and our developers could consider adding this option as an improvement in the future updates.


Yes please if you can do this.

Thank you

Other users can now vote on this feature as well, but please understand that implementing new features or improvements can take some time.
Thank you for understanding.


Yes I know. When I close it stay’s in my system tray. So I can see that I got mail. That’s a good thing.
The only thing is that it opens big screen when starting you PC.
So I hope it’s not a big problem to solve this.

Kind regards and thank for your quick answer.