EM slow to download message content. Worked fin until a week ago. Internet running at 50 MHz.

Download content slow

What type of account? If a Microsoft account (e.g., Hotmail, Outlook.com) and you are using IMAP, recreate the account using Exchange. I have seen quite a few issues with this and that seems to be the solution that works. Also, your calendar and contacts will sync.

I have a similar problem and, sorry, don’t understand what you mean by “using Exchange”.  What is this?  I run  Windows 10 and  Internet explorer.


Before we talk about exchange, who is your email provider?


Mine has been slow too. Using the Exchange wizard does not work when setting up Hotmail. I have tried all and finally chose “Other”

smtp-mail.outlook.com port 25

imap.outlook.com 993

Use credentials on both.

Working as it should

Yes, I have experienced intermittent problems over the last week or so as well–sometimes messages will download fine, but other times there will be very, very long delays waiting for emails to download.  For example, the email header shows in the list, but when I click on the email and the status dialog shows “downloading email part” (or something like that), it can take 5 minutes to download a simple text-only email, and sometimes it will never download it successfully and show a message that the email will be downloaded the next time I’m connected to the internet–except that I *am* connected to the internet and can access the email easily using the web interface.

Type of email:  Hotmail using imap

Like others have said above, I don’t know what it means to “use Exchange” to set up eM.

I am experiencing the same problem with e-mails never downloading and being told I am not connected to the internet, even though I am connected.  Today I have been trying for about an hour to get my e-mails on my laptop and still the last one showing is 4pm yesterday.  I know I have got many since then as they are showing on my ipad,

I experienced all of these issues. Open message, blank window, wait a few minutes, message fills in.

If using a Hotmail account as I am, create a new account.

Click on Menu=> Tools => Accounts 

Click + symbol. Do not enter email address and click “Start Now” button.

Click Mail item and choose “Other”

Enter email address and click next

Incoming server type IMAP

smtp-mail.outlook.com port 25

Outgoing server type


imap.outlook.com 993

Try using an Exchange account

See the following doco

Thanks, @John A.  That did the trick–setting up as an Exchange account worked.  The instructions in the link you provided (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ey_8poDxPUQV85WmU3bjNobVk/view) were helpful, although I would note The following which bear mentioning:

  1. On the 2nd page of the instructions, the 2nd image shows an icon that needs to be clicked for setting up an Exchange account, BUT, that portion of the setup dialog does not appear by default. 

The default tab shown in the dialog is the “Automatic Setup” tab. 

The user must click the “Mail” tab in order to see that Exchange icon to click it --the instructions in the link do not mention that step (however obvious it may seem).

  1. Also a bit tricky is that you must enter your email address in *both* the “Email address:” textbox *and* the “User name:” textbox in Step 1 on page 3 of the instructions. 

I actually entered my user name instead of my email address and that caused configuration to fail. 

Once I entered my email address in both textboxes, then the configuration succeeded and in the next step I was able to add my real name as the user name. 

Again, it may be obvious to some, but it was not to me.

Thanks John…worked like a charm!

John: After following your instructions (from the link) I set up an exchange account, but it never populated.  In fact, it did nothing.  It did not even appear in the main window at all.  I made it the default account and that did not change anything.  Wondering if anyone else experienced this or if there may be a fix.  See my discussion with Jay Ogram on this forum yesterday for more details.

Thanks Ron. I need that.

Thanks Ron

I don’t know what is happening there.  I have had a few weird issues with my Hotmail Exchange accounts in eM Client recently, requiring account deletion and re-setup.  I suspect something is going on at Microsoft’s end, but unsure.

While not a conspiracy theorist, I actually believe Microsoft intentionally changes things to encourage people to use the Microsoft products by making users of 3rd party software lives miserable.