EM says folder is Deleted

I had temporarily made copies of a group of local folders into my main gmail folder so I could access the messages while away from my desktop.  When I later deleted the copied folders from the mail gmail folder something went wrong.

EM tells me a couple of the original folders in the local area are deleted.  They appear empty and I can’t even copy messages into them.  I never deleted these original folders or their contents.  Is there a way to convince EM that these folders are not deleted.  I am hoping the messages are actually still there but just not showing at the moment.

Also, now every time I startup EM I now get an error about being unable to upload a message because it is too large.

First thing you could try is to run a database check. Close eM Client then run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe.

Running the db repair tool did not help.  If I drag a message into one of the bad folders EM tells me the folder is deleted but the message I dragged in are gone from my Inbox and they are not in the Trash either.

With GMail, the messages that disappear should be in the All Mail folder. 

So, the second thing you could try is to remove the GMail account from eM Client, then add it again.