EM randomly crashes

Starting today, EM has crashed on me 4 times, randomly. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’m running the latest, 7.2.34208.0, and this is just as buggy as the others in the 7 series.  I seriously regret upgrading to whatever started this crap some weeks ago; I moved from a high 6 (don’t recall) to this 7 series some weeks ago, and that immediate version, along with every version I have put on since, has served to do nothing but reclaim the memories of windows 95, and the days of cheap motherboards and cheaper memory…   what a load of crap…   

yes, we can go through the file check and it will << insert air quotes >> **fix** files if needed (I hope), but this is happening often enough that I find myself saying here we go again…  just needed to check e-mail and now I am wasting 5-10 minutes waiting to recover and wondering when this crap is going to happen again…


Mark, uninstall version 7 and reinstall version 6.

Stephanie, what version of Windows and eM Client are you using?