eM please work.

I had eM Client installed on my computer. Iam running Windows Vista with all the fixes and dowmloads. eM Client was working very well and I was getting a warm fuzzy feeling about the program when when I was in eM and playing with the calendar option I did something that I can not undo. When I try to open eM I get a message that say that eM Client was not closed correctly the last time and that the database has to be checked. It goes through its steps and gives me green check marks which I assume means OK. After that another window pops up and tells me that eM has stopped working and Windows is collecting more information about the problem, this may take several minutes,Nothing happens after that except that another window pops up asking me if I want to send information tp Microsoft, Whether I accept or decline nothing happens. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling eM several times this did not help. I also tried system restore and that also did not help. I would like to continue using eM but if I can not open it or run it it is obvious that my usage is limited. PLEASE HELP - I DO LIKE eM.

Hello, would you mind to send us your database so we can analyze/fix the problem? Please note, when uninstalling, eM Client doesn’t remove its data folder, so if you want to start a new database, you need to remove it (or rename it) manually in your Document And Settings/AppData/eM Client directory.

Thank you. I removed the data folder, reinstalled eM and everything is working fine. I did not follow your instructions to copy and send you my database so you could look at it. I was too eager to make eM work. If anything like this happens again I will make sure that I save the database so that you could analyze the problem. I am sure that what happened was operator error.

after you’ve uninstalled it, also go to C: users / appdata / eM client / (or wherever your eM client folder is) and delete it all.this will also delete any emails, settings, etc.

Also be sure that Program files / em client / is empty or gone.

Then re-install eM and hopefully you should be fine.