eM messed up Contact Notes

I have been evaluating eM using my Exchange account. I just discovered that when I made a minor change to a contact, eM totally reformatted and screwed up my notes for that contact.

It was a nicely formatted section with comments, links to things, highlights, etc. Now it’s one block of text, all the same format, mushed together.

NOT happy!

p.s. I’m coming to the conclusion that eM may be a cheap or free replacement for the desktop version of Outlook, with local folders, but not as a client for Exchange.

I hope I’m wrong as I really like some of the features, and simplicity.

eM Client does not support formatting in contact notes. The links should still be there though.

I think that you are wrong about eM Client being a cheap or free replacement for Outlook. It may be an alternative, but I doubt that they are claiming to be a replacement for the Redmond application. Also by default eM Client uses IMAP or Exchange and local folders are hidden. So I think that the focus is on online storage rather than local.

I see you edited your previous comment (“Your’e wrong”). I must have struck a nerve, and thought it prudent not to respond to that one, LOL!

An Outlook “replacement” is probably the wrong word. Maybe “alternative” is better? I’ve been using Outlook since the 90’s and have become increasingly frustrated with so many aspects of it lately that I went looking for other mail clients that I could run on my Win 10 PC and connect to my accounts hosted on Exchange. That’s how I found eM. In fact, eM has a cost comparison with Outlook as one of the main points: http://www.emclient.com/for-companies

I find it annoying that eM messed up something that’s supported by Exchange (forget Outlook), when it purports to be the “Best email client for Windows” and specifically claims to support Exchange. If it couldn’t handle the formatted contact notes, at the very least it should have warned me. The links were not lost but now everything is a smushed glob of text.

Yeah, sorry about that. It was pointed out to me after I posted those two words that I shouldn’t make a statement like that without some explanation. So I tried again.

What client did you use to create the formatted contact notes? I would like to see if I can reproduce it.

No offense taken - much worse things have been written on forums… :wink:

I’ve used Outlook since the very early versions in the 90’s. Initially with my own servers, and since 2014 with hosted Exchange. On the desktop I’m currently using Office 365.