eM just keeps refreshing...and I should too, I guess

Hi, after a few years of waiting for eM to improve and get rid of those small nuisances (like aliases not being as default, never working auto-update, not possible to open email in foreground from its notification and quite much more, as I described here in the past) I have the client pretty much useless now. New install on a new laptop two weeks ago just keeps spinning the refresh arrows and basically never stops refreshing. When I open the operation log, I see it always try to sync my largest IMAP folder and it’s not receiving or sending emails. I can close the client, it sends and receives on start and after that goes again in the endless “synchronizing folder…” The folder is fully synced after all these days of course. Dunno, I’m going to try to fix it one more time, but only because I am too lazy to look for alternative. Maybe I’ll have to switch anyway, eM team do not need to cry for me as I used free version only anyway. Why? Because I never felt eM being worthy of payment, seriously. It simply is not there yet and it seems to me it is not even getting there.
I do not really like cumbersome Outlook which comes with my MS365 and Windows Mail works nicely but it’s way too simple. But there are some alternatives in between those and some of them are also free. Or maybe there are some paid but more finished than eM, I do not now yet…but just by browsing forum here for a while and reading posts of others, I recognize those bugs which plagues eM for years now, often going for a while only to come back again and I recognize so many of them because I also hit them in the past or still fight them…and I realized how the client is not getting better no matter how long I stick around. So, most of all, this is probably a good bye.

This is something I noticed in early versions of 8.0 and into 8.1 where it is especially noticeable. For me it is the Trash folder that is continuously being synced, though there are maybe no more that a dozen messages in there at any one time. So I got into the habit of regularly emptying the Trash throughout the day, but the behavior has not changed.

Interesting, I didn’t hit that issue till this new installation even though I was on v8 since first betas (I was hoping for that promised ‘alias as default’ back then).

I have the same issue with the email constantly refreshing, the spinner constantly running. I do not receive any emails unless I close the program and open it again. Is it because I have thousands of emails? I have turned off conversations and still have this issue.

Yeah, it never got fixed, eM is out of the question now. Unfortunately, there is no real replacement on Windows and that’s the worst part. No competitor has working mail, contacts AND calendar, but neither has it eM client now, does it. Just out of curiosity, what service hosts your stuff? Mine was Apple/iCloud.

My emails are hosted on Godaddy

I believe DG is domain registrar and offers hosting, so you mean your own server? If that’s so I guess you have more chances than others, to dig through logs on both sides and maybe find the root cause.

I also have this issue with a GoDaddy account. Unbelievably annoying. And these are large data sets in my case.

Interestingly my emclient still refresh’s emails from my other email accounts but NOT the godaddy one, even when the refresh is spinning.