EM import only a portion of my e-mails from WLM

I use version 7.0.27943.0. When i import, for example my inbox from WLM, there are 546 e-mails, then I see that hy is importing 546 e-mails. But i see only 497 e-mails. 
This also happens in other folders. When i convert my e-mails to eml then happens the same.
How is that possible and how can I fix it?
When is version 7.1 arrived?
Gr. Evert Sanders

Try disable Conversation mode    Menu-tools-settings-mail-read

Helaas it do not work. Also i import 300 emails. I can see that 300 are imported. But when i look in my inbox he says that there are only 256 email. So where are the other 44 email? This happens by almost my imports. Also shen i convert the box to eml. It happens by every enail account. It is very frustrated.


We apologize for the current inconvenience. The WLM Import has been completely rebuilt for the 7.1 version and we will unfortunately have to ask you to wait until then. We do not have an official release date, you could however try out the beta version and see if it resolves your issue. You can find the full post on beta here: http://www.emclient.com/blog/em-client-7.1-beta-154