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Question Functionality eM Client

I am interested in trying out eM client and have several questions.

  1. Syncing:
    Does eM client syn contacts and calendar entries with Gmail one way (i.e. only from Gmail to eM) or also the other way round?

  2. Difference Free & Pro:
    The limitation of 2 accounts in free means that in the free version I can only pull emails from 2 email accounts, correct?

Thank you.


  1. both ways
  2. exactly, if you will happen to have trial with more than 2 emails then 3rd and more will stay in offline mode.

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Jan, tks for your quick feedback.
Another question - what is the difference between 2 way syncing and active sync?

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Active sync is Microsoft’s protocol for synchronization.

2 way sync is nothing, it is just explanation of 2 way synchronization - from and to you.

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