EM Downloding issues with scripting.

Hello, I have been attempting to install EM Client for my GMail e-mail. Each time I attempt to download it I get an message saying that I have to enable scripts I have looked at all the settings for Java and I have scripting enabled but I stll continue to get the same message has anyone had a similiar issue ? I am running firefox as an browser beacuase I am using silverlight for a work application.

Richard - that is strange, because eM Client is not a scripted download. It’s a direct link located at http://www.emclient.com/dist/latest/setup.msi can you try that link and see if the installer downloads for you?

Hello Richard, please make sure you have Javascript enabled in Internet Explorer, as eM client is using some of the application’s system components for use with browser-like features as is the Google OAuth setup. Check using this site and your browser if everything is running correctly, http://enable-javascript.com .