eM Contacts sync to “Other Contact” Google folder instead of the my main Google Contacts folder

eM Contacts sync to “Other Contact” Google folder in Google Contacts. I want them to sync to “My Contacts” folder which is my main contacts folder, how can I set it up to do that. To be clear, My emails sync with my yahoo email providers but, my calendar and contacts sync to my google calendar and contacts. Everything seems to work find except when I create a new contact in eM it syncs to the “other folder” which does not sync to my phone. Is there a way to make new contacts created in eM sync to my main google folder?

For existing contacts, in eM Client change the category of the contacts from Other Contacts to My Contacts.

Gary,Thank you for the reply but, I’m not sure I’m following. Currently there is not a category ‘My Contacts’ in the available categories or attached to any of my contacts  so, are you saying to create the category “My Contacts” from the Categories add/remove window found under Menu/Tools/Categories a then apply that category to all my contacts?
Actually, Categories is another issue I’m trying to resolve. My google contacts have 20 or so custom contacts, when I imported them while setting up eM those categories imported but, they were not added to the list of categories available to me when creating a new contact so, I guess I have to recreated them in eM if I want to apply them to new contacts I create in eM.  

Sorry, just remove the Other Contacts category from your contacts.

I think you replied on another thread Britt. I will continue to post my comments here though.

Google labels do not appear in eM Client in Menu > Tools > Categories, but they do appear when you right-click on the contact and select Categorize. So to remove your contacts from Other Contacts, remove that category from the contacts in eM Client through right-click > Categorize.

After much experimentation this is what I found:
In EM Client you need to create “tags” that match the Google “Labels”, I recommend that while creating the new tags that you associate them only with your Contacts and not with Mail, Events, Tasks & Notes (un-select for these categories). You also need to create a tag called “My Contacts” and make sure ALL your contacts belong to this tag (this will make Google happy), I believe that the tag names must match exactly, I even put them in the same order as you see them in your google contacts web page although this may not be necessary.
Now when you create a new contact in EM-Client select the tag that you want your contact to be part of and the contact should appear in your Google Contacts under the same Google Label as your EM-Client tag. Now that your EM-Client contacts are syncing with your Google contacts you should also see your contacts sync with your other devices that subscribe to your google contacts.
Until Google or EM client makes changes this should keep your contacts synced.
During the version 8 update I accidentally lost all my EM-Client database’s & configuration files, currently have many hours into my attempt to get back to where I was before the version 8 update.
Good Luck!