eM Clinet not connecting after upgrading to latest Windows 10 build (1709)

Just wanted to post this problem so that it can be fixed in future version(s). The sooner the better.

Yesterday I have upgraded my Windows 10 OS to the latest build number (1709) and after the upgrade, eM Client stopped working. Stopped working in the sense that all my email accounts were not connecting. After a lot of re-installations and cleaning the profiles and registry I found this forum post that really helped:

The problem came form the antivirus program. Somehow it was blocking eM Client to connect to the hosting provider (Gmail). After disabling those port protocols (583,993) in the antivirus everything stared working great. The problem was not here using the old Windows build.

Software version:
   Windows 10 b1709
   Eset Antivirus
   eM Client 7.0.26453.0 (Also tried with the latest and still didn’t worked)

Let me know of any questions you might have. I can also provide screenshoots.

The version of eM Client or using another email client should not make a difference because the port was blocked by the antivirus application.

Do you think there is something eM Client can do to alter the antivirus application settings, or would that be considered a security breach?