eM Client works at home but not at work, on the same laptop

My eM Client works fine on my laptop when I am at home (broadband wireless), but will not connect when I use the same laptop in my office (corporate network). I get “Connecting to [email protected] failed” messages. Is this possibly related to ports and the firewall at work? Any suggestions?

It is possible - send us the text from the tab Logs in the Operations window and I will be able to tell you more. Thank you.

15:35:22 Online state: changed to online with reason NetworkAvailability
15:35:23 [email protected] [IMAP] Synchronizing subfolders: For folder [email protected]/
15:35:23 [email protected] [GData] Synchronizing folder list
15:35:24 [email protected] [GData] Synchronizing folder ‘[email protected]/Contacts/’
15:35:25 [email protected] [GData] Synchronizing folder list
15:35:25 [email protected] [GData] Synchronizing folder list
15:35:25 [email protected] [XMPP] MailExceptions.ConnectionException:
15:35:25 (No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
15:35:25 [email protected] [GData] Synchronizing folder list
15:35:25 [email protected] [IMAP] MailExceptions.ConnectionException: Failed opening connection to server. —> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network 2a00:1450:400c:c00::6c:993
15:35:25 at System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient…ctor(String hostname, Int32 port)
15:35:25 at MailClient.Imap.Base.Connection.Connect(String receiveHost, Int32 receivePort, Boolean explicitSsl)
15:35:25 at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPoolEntry.Reconnect()
15:35:25 — End of inner exception stack trace —
15:35:25 at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPoolEntry.Reconnect()
15:35:25 at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPoolEntry.Connect()
15:35:25 at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPool.AcquireConnection(Folder mailFolder, Boolean idle)
15:35:25 at MailClient.Imap.Synchronizer.ActivateFolderCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
15:35:25 at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)
15:35:26 [email protected] [GData] Synchronizing folder list
15:35:26 [email protected] [GData] Synchronizing folder ‘[email protected]/[email protected]/’
15:35:26 [email protected] [GData] Synchronizing folder list

sorry for the delay. It seems that something is blocking your connection - do you use a Firewall or an Antivirus? If so, try to set an exception for eM Client and let me know if it helps.