eM Client won't upload attachments or open sub folders telling me I have no server connection.

I am connected to internet no problem but when trying to download attachments, eg a jpg file and other content within a received message I am told that the attachment of content cannot be opened because “there is no connection to the server”.  Please help.  mnannorris@gmail.com  

I’m getting the same error since the last couple of hours. I tried to send an email, emClient said could not send it. When I logged in to the webmail directly, it showed that the mail been sent.
Interested to see solutions. I tried looking for an update, but my version is up to date.

I am getting the same error - says “this message will be downloaded the next time you go online” but I am online ? I also checked for updates but my version is up to date already. Very frustrating I cannot retrieve downloads sent via email as it says it cant connect to server.