eM Client won't remember me.

I have a new DELL computer with Windows 7 Home Premium and the Microsoft Office “starter” installed at the factory. I installed eM Client (emc), set it up and received one email and set up one address then after choosing a file location for emclient to use to save messages I closed he program put the computer in “Sleep” mode. The next morning I opened emc and it came up with the “welcome to eM Client” again as if I hadn’t used it yet even though I registered and registered my license number the night before. What can I do?
Regards, Ken Burnham activation key #d777db1e-76a9-476b-9bad-286156643fce
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there is a note below Database directory text-box that says that changing the storage location will create new blank database at the location you chose (no automatic copy will be performed). So you need to copy all the files from the original storage folder to the new created location.


Thank you.