em Client won't recognise my old database after the latest automatic update


I have been using emclient for apporximately 12 months and the latest automatic update gives me an error when loading the program. It says that the database was created by a newer version? where are all emails stored? i onlt ask this so that i can backup my emails (which are critical work emails) and reinstall the program without losing these save emails which are no longer on my email server

Get the latest version from http://www.emclient.com/dist/latest/setup.msi and install it over the version you already have (or optionally uninstall the old version first, it will not delete the data). That should ensure you have the latest version that works.

A friend has experienced the same problem eMC asked to update but then would not work. I tried uninstalling it also using system restore and downloading again but it says database is made by newer version , when installing latest version it will not work also error box asks for an email which is pointless when eMC IS her email programme so could not access her email at all. How do i get her email working again ?