eM Client won't open again after being closed

My problem can be replicated like this:
I’m using eM Client. Sometimes I have to close it and re-open it to download emails from one of my IMAP accounts. For some reason it loses and no longer “sees” the connection if I leave my PC on overnight.
I close eM Client. It disappears. Including from task manager, both applications and processes. EDIT I repaired windows and now It doesn’t disappear from task manager.
I try to re-open it and nothing happens. it doesn’t reappear in task manager. It just doesn’t initialise. EDIT if I close it from task manager then it does the database check when I reopen it.
I have to do a re-boot of my PC. Then it has to do a database check (which takes for ages) because it claims it wasn’t closed correctly the last time.
I have just done a clean reinstall of my operating system and all my programs. This problem existed before the clean install, and was not fixed after. The program I’m running now is the latest downloaded three days ago from your website.
I thought it might be because I had Genie Timeline backing up the email folder so I have turned it off. That did not fix the issue.
I use Avast and the Windows firewall if that helps. My system is Win7 (with all up to date files) 64bit.

Please after 2 days is there anybody who can help me?

I have to close down eM client because it stops downloading my emails. I work from home and have the pro version of eM client. I can’t work like this and I am considering going back to Outloook.


sorry for the late reply. Please download the following tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstack… and run it after you close eM Client and the process is still in task manager. Please send the log file (it is stored into the documents folder) to my colleague at wilson@emclient.com
Thank you for you help

Hi you got my log files 7 days ago. Do you have a resolution for me?

Hello? I still have a problem. Is this program actually supported?

Hello. sorry for the delay. The cause of the problem is in the Avast firewall. to make it work, set Avast not to check the SSL connections.


This solution has had no effect. In fact, turning Avast off altogether has no effect. That was one of the first things I tried when trying to troubleshoot myself.

Please look at the logs again and advise another possible solution?

Hello. The problem is caused by SSL connections being blocked by some reason. If it is not Avast, another way you can try is to go to Tools-Accounts and try to set your outlook.com account not to use SSL connection