eM Client won't minimize

eM Client won’t minimize to the taskbar when I click the ‘-’ on the upper right of the window, unless it’s pinned. The window just - goes away? I’m sure this is a win7 thing, not a eMClient problem…

Hi Joe,

I think what happens with eM Client when you press the [minimize] button, is dependent on the following settings:

Tools > Settings > General > General

2 options:

  “minimize application to tray”

  “close application to tray”

screen shot:


Thanks, Hans, this solves it. I had the ‘minimize application to tray’ option checked, so it goes there instead of the taskbar…

I’m glad this worked for you Joe, If you come across any other issues, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Thanks, this is useful for me too! :slight_smile: