eM Client won't minimise on Mac

Sometimes the eM Client window won’t minimise. At other times when I have minimised it, it spontaneously re-opens and then won’t minimise.

I’ve discovered if I go into the Window menu tab and click on Main Window it will replace the un-minimisable window with a normal one that will minimise.

On my iMacPro (M1 processor) this happens occasionally, on my McBook Pro (Intel processor) is happens consistently.

Any ideas


Check that you have the latest Mac version of eM Client from the version history page.

If you already have the latest version, suggest to uninstall and reinstall eM Client.

Note: Before uninstalling eM Client, backup via the dropdown menu along the top in eM Client.

(eM Client version history Mac)


A more recent version is available if you use the Check for Update option. :wink:

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Thanks very much cyberzork and Gary. I appreciate the quick reply.

I have version 9.0.1755 for Mac. The latest Mac version listed on the release history page is 9.0.1717.0.

I have backed up and then uninstalled eM Client on my iMac, reinstalled it and restored the data backup. So far it’s behaving normally.

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