eM Client won't load all of my old messages -- only some of them

I downloaded eM Client for the first time yesterday. I have a webmail account that is shutting down soon, and I would like to save all of the messages I sent and received on that account. So I configured the POP settings and got it to load, but the problem is, not all of my old mail is there. I had this webmail account for about two years, and it’s only loading the first nine months or so of emails. Two years worth of email is a lot, I understand, so I clicked “Receive All Messages” and left it overnight. Again, it only loaded about the first nine months. Every time I click “Receive All Messages”, it loads about the next five emails, but stops.

How can I get eM Client to download all my old mail without refreshing a thousand times?

For future searchers: I solved the problem by writing an AutoHotkey script that clicks the Refresh button every four seconds, and I left it on overnight. It loaded over 5,000 emails! Not the most elegant solution but it worked. Here is the script:

SetMouseDelay, 4000 WinActivate eM Client
while 1 
Click 115, 45 }

It meant I couldn’t use the computer while the script was running but I don’t care as long as my emails are downloading. If anyone knows it’s so difficult to finagle eM Client into refreshing all my darn emails, please reply to this post or send me an email.