eM Client won't download e-mails at all

Installed, opens but won’t download e-mails from my hotmail account. All details of this account inserted correctly so why doesn’t it work? I have tried the Import command under the file menu as well - this said it was importing but there was still nothing there!

Could the problem be with hotmail itself? I’ve had problems logging in over the last few days?

I’m assuming you want to compose and receive Hotmail stuff using eM Client in which case you won’t want the import command. You could perhaps try Help in Hotmail (use hotmail with client software) and/or look at eM Client menu Tools /Accounts or maybe putting Hotmail in community search bar for assistance. Food for thought!

OK. In the em client search topics box at top of this page, key in the 3 words . . . . copy folders hotmail These are tag words associated with the solutions provided. Best.

Thanks very much for replying. Before I could try either of these solutions, a strange thing happened. I added another couple of e-mail accounts to the list, which were also hotmail accounts (to see if it was just that account that was a problem) then suddenly all the e-mails came through, including those from the original account which wouldn’t come through. I have no idea why, but it’s now working. Thanks for your suggestions.