EM Client won't back up

I used to have periodic back up on but paused that for some reason a while ago and now it won’t back up at all. I have looked at a few posts and tried a few of the suggestions but nothing is happening. Do I have to press export? While I know my way round the PC I am not an expert :slight_smile: Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Try re-setting it up: MENU > SETTINGS > GENERAL > BACKUP

Re-enter Target Directory
Uncheck/Enable Periodic Backup
Re-enter Frequency
Re-enter Preserve Last

Hopefully that will resolve your issue

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Thank you for taking the time to reply sunriseal. I have done as you suggested but just the same I’m afraid. Will the program do this at some point later or should it start spontaneously? Thanks again. Di

I can’t remember exactly how it worked when I first set up the backup, quite awhile ago. I believe the first backup started around the same time as the setup; the NEXT day.

If you want to do an immediate backup, you can go here: MENU > BACKUP

I will leave it now and see how it goes tomorrow. Thanks! Di

Just checked sunriseal and it has worked. Two backups now on my external hard drive. Many thanks!
It is worth noting that the backup doesn’t happen immediately if you make a schedule. Di

Glad to hear that all eventually worked out :slightly_smiling_face: