eM Client with Gmail


Just downloaded eM Client to evaluate it - connected to my gmail account - incoming mail is syncing great but sent mail is not - I am using the default setting.

Can anyone help please

Many thanks

Does turning off anti-virus and VPN software help?

Thanks for the reply No VPN and no to AV

If you have just added your Gmail account, it can take time to update all your folders depending on how big your mailbox is.

Click on “All Mail” under Gmail in eM Client and then click the down arrow on the right of (Refresh) at the top left. Then click on “Show Operations” and see if eM Client is still synching.

Also click on your “Sent” folder under Gmail and click “Refresh” at the top left to force the Sent box to sync.

If still won’t sync, click your “Right mouse button” on “All Mail” under Gmail and then click “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the “Repair” tab at the top and click Repair button which will delete the cache and restart the synching again.