eM client will not sync with gmail

eM client will not sync with gmail.
Worked yesterday, but not today.

Have you tried to login to Gmail webmail?

Same problem here. I get to the “Password required for Gmail” popup and it just keeps spinning. I clicked “Allow” on in the window that popped up for Gmail authorization and nothing. And yes, I am able to login to the webmail.

Same problem on the desktop, Yahoo Mail is no problem, can’t sync Gmail.
With the laptop, no problem

Have you tried removing the account and re-adding the account?

I am unable to add the account in the first place.

Try changing your current (default browser), and then close and reopen eM Client and add your Gmail account again via the automatic wizard.

Failing that login to your Google Security online via your browser and remove any eM Client instances (if it’s showing there) from the (Third party allowed apps)… Then add your Gmail account again via the automatic wizard in eM Client.

Lastly also try clearing your cache from your (default browser).

Note: Once you got it working, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” to save the acct setup.

I just uninstalled my antivirus, and all my problems are solved

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