eM Client will not launch

I had to replace the memory in my PC. I removed and replaced the HDD’s in their original positions. When I launch eM Client I get the message: “The application database failed due to the following error: The device is not ready.” I re-installed eM Client from the website, but still get the same fault.

Praise the Lord!!! I found the fault! After removing the HDD’s, Windows 10 allocated one of their drive letters to my DVD Drive and thus allocated a new drive letter to that drive on re-installation. While using my scanner, it gave me the correct message that the F-Drive cannot store data. That’s when it dawned on me that that was also why eM Client would not launch. Maybe eM Client can be more specific with its fault reporting when the software tries to allocate data on an empty DVD Drive? But thanks eM Client, I enjoy using your e-mail software.