eM Client - way better than Zimbra and even Outlook!

I have been testing e-mail clients and compared this with Zimbra, which was awful with hotmail - it duplicated several times every e-mail in my hotmail account and kept doing it until I eventually uninstalled it (when I got up to 7 copies each!). Also I found that Zimbra’s twitter stuff didn’t even do any direct messages which means you have to go to twitter anyway, what’s the point?

e-mail account adding was a dream - better than Outlook even. I have my own domain name and e-mail and it worked it out without any nonsense need for imap and smtp server names, just totally automatic.

eM Client also dealt with my gmail and hotmail contacts far better and everything was much clearer than with Zimbra. And it syncs my gmail draft folders too which had been another problem. Overall vs Zimbra I would say 9/10 vs 5/10. OK you have to pay if you want more than 2 accounts on it but if less than 2 it’s free like Zimbra. But the functionality is definitely worth paying for!

And they’re nice people - when buying they kindly gave me a special offer since I am a social enterprise too. Really liked Harry who chatted with me on the chat.

Alicia @ Parkholme Supper Club (www.parkholmesupperclub.co.uk)

Thank you :wink:

Zimbra stopped updating its Desktop client some time ago. :slight_smile:
But then again, it has always been full of bugs.
It’s awesome how easy it is to setup eM Client to connect to my zimbra server.
Thanks for the alternative :smiley: