eM Client very slow for some operations

Is there a way to speed up eM Client (only some operations) e.g. moving emails to folders. Cleaning out TRASH and/or JUNK folders.

Sometimes turning off conversations can improve overall performance. Also moving from a mechanical hard disk to an SSD has been shown to have dramatical results.

If you are using IMAP, it is possible that the Trash and Junk folders are not loaded. If there are a lot of messages in those folders, it may take some time to download them initially when you click on the folder. Keeping them regularly emptied could help.

Trash and Junk folders are on my PC. Clear them regularly. Even after clearing problem does not go away. The little “this may take…” appears. It is NOT a showstopper but is extremely annoying as I can’t do anything else in eMclient while it finishes up. I have tried cleaning up the email folders (all) and limit contents to recent emails. Is there a “compact / clean” command available? Or maybe a file (or files) I can access outside of my email and “fix” somehow? This problem exists even if I shut down everything else running on my PC - applications anyway. Thanks for the quick response! Any other ideas would be most appreciated.

Unfortunately eM Client does not have a compact function like you have in Thunderbird. I guess that is because of the different way that the email is stored in the database. There is a repair function for IMAP folders, but that basically just deletes the local cache and downloads the messages again from the server.