eM Client Version 8 expected release date

When will be the eM Client v8 will be released? I see there’s a 3-years cycle for major version. Given that; shall we expect v8 this year?

Actually I did an excel time check for versions. 2 days from today and version 7.0 will be the longest running version.

Interesting fact.

So, any plans on v8 release date?

Any updates on this?

Hello Orcun,

Thank you for your question. The “delay” in the version 8 release was caused by the simultaneous development of the Mac OS version and two minor upgrades of version 7 (7.1 and 7.2). However, we’re already working hard on the next release and the version 8 is expected in early 2020.


Will version 8.0 support favorites? I am evaluating emClient as Outlook replacement for us and our customers, but version 7 is limited in some aspects and therefore its not yet possible to migrate. Is there a beta client availabe (if not when will a customer get a glance on the new version)

Hello Stefan,

thank you for your interest in version 8. It will offer the Favourite Folder feature among others.
Send me please an email to markosky@emclient.com with a link to this thread.