EM Client v8 - Gmail Labels and Tags/Categories

I upgraded to Version 8 yesterday. I use it with Gmail. Previously I could right-click and select categories. The ones I’d set up on Gmail (as labels) would be available. Since the upgrade, categories are now called tags. However the Gmail labels are not available as options for me to choose.

I would also like to see my Gmail Labels to be visible as options.

I have played around with it some more and it seems they are available in two places.

I had been using the Tag option on the top right hand side of the email. They were not to be seen there.

However if I right click on the message, there is an option Tag, and they are available there. It seems somewhat inconsistent, in that tags can be accessed in two places but only one of them shows the Gmail labels.

I’m going to close this item, now I know how to access it.