eM Client v7 connected to Gmail and attachments to Calendar Events

I am using eM Client v7.0.26687.0 to connect to my Google Apps for Business Gmail account. When I create a new Calendar Event in eM Client and attach a file, the recipient does not receive the attachment. It appears to be getting stripped off. When I create an Event directly in my Gmail web calendar and add an attachment, the recipient gets the attachment only if they also accept the event in their Gmail web calendar. I did see a forum post from about 3 years ago indicating that this particular function does not work because Google does not release the API information needed to support it in eM Client. Is this still the case ?

I checked with Google Tech Support and then indicated that the Apple email client handles the attachments to a Calendar Event properly, which indicates that the API info must be available. Hopefully eM Client will add this functionality since it is very useful.