eM Client v7 and Whitelists

There was some correspondence some time ago about automatically white-listing people in the address book. Has this made it to v7?
There was also a suggestion that users should be able to set time intervals on accounts before they time out as the “sensitive” one like Yahoo sometime need more time.
Finally I have to say I hate the movement towards writing software for use on iProds, I use a proper, grown up, computer and I like software that looks like it’s written for proper computers!

Hello Jeff,
the features you mentioned have not been implemented yet and I believe are still under consideration.
I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the new User Interface for Version 7, but I assure you this software is still written for Regular PCs, just with a more modern look.
Check out if any of the other UI Themes work better for you under Tools>Appearance>Themes.


ok - so it looks modern. but i agree with jeff that having to go and find “menu” on the highest left corner to get access to the items is just a bit to much “modern”. how about letting us decide whether we want to have it like that or to have the menu the old style - across the top of the window?

Hello Mads,
this has been a deliberate change made by the developers.
I suggest making an Idea thread (or checking if there is one already and vote on it) about changing the menu back to the old style, so that our developers could see how many users would prefer it the old way and maybe reconsider.



consideration is still bad wording 'cause everytime you, David or previously Paul used this wording - nothing happened in the past. That’s very frustrating for us customers.

When you additionally add the wird still , the phrase gets even more worse, you know.

You should consider setting up a new website where users can post new features and vote for existing ones and every month or two the top votes will be built in into the next release of emclient.

This new release should of course be ready within three or maximum half a year. An addtional status should show the voters if a wish has been finalized or is currently worked on or maybe cancelled.

So far our ideas posted here disappear in the vast amount of postings.


Hello Mike,
thank you for sharing your Idea, I’m sorry to hear that our current solutions are frustrating for you.
However, the Ideas can be filtered and voted on here on the forum already and many of the same ideas are posted numerous times.
I’ll forward your suggestion to our development team though.


I am happy to start a thread on wishes for a new version but am very disappointed that the whitelist and variable connection times have not been implemented. Even Outlook has this *in fact every email client I have used uses contacts as a whitelist) and eM Client is supposed to be better than Outlook!
I can’t find any forum categories, should it just be a new post?

Hello Jeff,
you can browse forum by topics on the main screen:

When you open the Idea topic, you can Vote on it in the top right corner if you agree with it.