eM Client V6.0

My eM Clent was automatically updated to version 6.0.18325.0 but this version is not yet released. On my second computer I have still V5.0 and the database V6 is not compatible with V5 (I share the same database for both computers). Thanks for answer.


  1. please be aware of that when you share database for example on network storage or in cloud it can get easily broken as MySQL database tend to do this.

  2. we see in our licensing manager that you have only one free license, can I ask how do you use two eM Clients?

  3. does eM Client really offered you version 6? Please go to Help - About and push ctrl + u and send me that link to [email protected] together with this topic’s address: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…