eM Client & Task Manager question.

Should eM Client appear in the list of Task Manager processes? I ask because I am having trouble getting eM Client to run backup automatically and I cannot see eM Client in the task Manager list.  It occurred to me their might be some connection if eM Client should show under Task Manager.

Yes, it does appear in the Task manager–

I believe you must be logged on to your Windows account for the backup to run.  I have mine run in the middle of the day (when I am using eM Client) and it does its job in the background quite well.

@ gordon

Which OS are you running ?
E.g. in Win 7 it shows as MailClient.exe and if you have the path enabled
as in the snip below.

Many thanks Jay and Digger,
I have found that eM Client does appear in Task Manager provided Client is open.  I was rather assuming, I suppose, that it would always show in Task Manager whether running or not. My O/S is Windows 10.
This, therefore has no connection with my other problem regarding absence of eM Client backup.
I will raise this matter under a new thread.  Thanks again