eM Client takes almost 60 seconds to launch

Upon starting eM Client, it consistently takes almost 60 seconds for the application to launch and the splash screen to disappear.

Even with the bloated Microsoft Outlook, it doesn’t take this long. I’m using an HDD, not SSD.

There is your possible problem.

If the database is quite large, it will struggle with mechanical hard disks, especially the cheaper low RPM versions.

If you moved your OS and the eM Client database to an SSD, you would experience significant performance increase. For example, read speeds on a fast mechanical hard disk are less than 300 IOPS, but on an SSD they are in excess of 30,000 IOPS. Significant.

My database is fairly large, and with both the OS and database on a really good NVMe SSD, eM Client opens so fast I need to take a screenshot to read the tip on the splash screen. Actually, a few times my reflexes weren’t quick enough to capture it. :crazy_face:

Nope.My HDD is NOT the issue.

The problem s not consistent. I can close em Client completely and start it up again and it takes just 5 seconds.

Can you try an SSD and see if there is any difference.

On my computer eM Client loads in about 2 seconds, which unsurprisingly closely matches the difference in speed between SSD and HDD.

I agree with @Gary the most common reason for slow (initial loading of EMC) is normally (Non SSD Mechanical HDD’s) unless you have a eg: corrupted EMC database or your Non SSD HDD internal cache has gone faulty and will then run like a snails pace.

So if EMC has always been slow to load (even when you first installed it), and you have a Non SSD HDD drive, then try defragging your hard disk. If it makes no difference, then upgrade to a SSD drive.

If every other program on your computer loads really quickly except for EMC, and EMC (used to be quick when initially loading) when you first installed it, then you might possibly then just have a eg: corrupted database causing this. In which case you could try backing up EMC, via “Menu / Backup” and then uninstall it and delete your database when asked on uninstall. Then re-install & setup as new, to see if even a brand new installation of EMC loads quick again when your computer restarts.

If that works, then you know it was a corrupted database, if not then you know it will be either the HDD cache gone faulty, or your Non SSD drive overall is just too slow and you need to u/g to a SSD drive.

Both of you guys are way off base and seemingly don’t know what you’re talking aqbout here. You’re merely grasping at straws. I mentioned the issue is RANDOM. Why don’t you all just admit you have no clue at why this is happening and you’re playing the sophism card. :woman_facepalming:

Seems you already have a solution in your mind, and don’t want to hear anything contrary. If you don’t want help, please don’t post questions to this forum.

Maybe you can open a support ticket with eM Client if you think the volunteers here don’t have a clue.